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I’m the broad with a view.

My name is Monica Danielle. I am a multimedia journalist and freelance writer. You can find my work in The Washington Post, HuffPost, ABC News, AccuWeather and various other online publications.

I’ve spent decades working in TV news, including live producing and writing for ABC7 Eyewitness News in New York City, World News Now, Good Morning America and the AccuWeather Network.

You can dig into my personal essays from the past twenty years on my now retired blog. On A Broad View I write with honesty about my recovery from Mormonism and its lingering effects, marriage, motherhood, sexuality, navigating a high-conflict divorce, falling in love again, non-monogamy, womanhood and all that entails, aging, dealing with a late in life Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis and more.

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Perspectives on womanhood, sexuality, relationships, aging, marriage, divorce, spirituality, consciousness and mental wellness.


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